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  • My name is Carling Shirley. I make cloth dolls, sockmonkeys, and cloth woodland creatures. 99% of my products I sew by hand and are recycled fabrics.

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September 30, 2010


Carling Shirley

aw thanks doll! It is nice to find others like us....I know the Book Thief is the best narrated book I am loving it :)


oo!oo! and i really enjoyed the narrative of the book thief! i see you are reading it also. i read it last fall. very clever that death is the narrator. i'm still struggling to get through war and peace tho, i keep putting it off- life is too crazy atm.


me too! i was meant to be born in the 40's or 50's...darron's always telling me so. i thought i was a real nutty nut for doing all my housework and soaping in a vast collection of aprons! well i'm super glad there's more people like this other than me out there!! i think people always said i was an 'old soul'! you sound like you are too :) i really like your new blog look also.

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